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 Ryo Isamu [Snake]

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PostSubject: Ryo Isamu [Snake]   Thu Aug 20, 2015 6:13 pm

Name:Ryo Isamu
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 200
Animal: Snake
Power: -Unknown-


Ryo is the half brother of Kage Ito and is known to be a very silent kid. Like his brother Ryo has seen the ugly side of gangs and drugs since his parent died from overdosing on opiates. Although he has seen so much at such a young age, Ryo was always fascinated by school and education. He was always able to pick up on things quickly and was able to learn so much in the few years that he did attend school. By age 8, he was already learning college-based courses because, he was always beyond his years. When his parents died he ran away with his brother and his brother's girlfriend to live a life as a thief.

To this day Ryo still has a fascination for learning and also a soft spot for the arts. It is said he doesn't really speak and most people think of him as a mute but, he only speaks when he deems that it is necessary. Like his brother, Ryo is a lethal fighter and does not get upset by taking someone's life. Stay clear from him.
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Ryo Isamu [Snake]
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