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 Talis Stenel

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PostSubject: Talis Stenel   Fri Aug 14, 2015 7:18 am

Name: Talis Stenel
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 6’ 1”
Weight: 192lbs.
Spirit Animal: Dolphin
Spirit Animal Name: Rydia
Ability: Echolocation

Shadows sporadically appeared and vanished upon the limestone walls, all the while twisting and reforming into wilder silhouettes. The bodies of the crowd melded together and ligaments entangled with others, music echoing through the stalagmites.Multicolored illuminations etched their way across the ceiling before overlapping into different hues. Anguish, uncertainty, misery were expelled from their faces and repossessed by joy, bliss, and, in some cases, lust.

Towards the rear of the cave, Talis stood with a microphone grasped between his fingers. Surrounded by chipped and torn speakers, various mechanical devices held together by torn fabric and adhesive strips. All of this was from his various journey through the country ravished by war, each piece of equipment, either scavenged from ruins or junkyards or given as presents from those grateful for his performance. This was how he choose to live, by rekindling the light in darkened souls wherever he went, but it wasn’t his soul reason.

On the makeshift stage of crates, used for housing the musical equipment, he lowered the microphone from his mouth slightly and a smirk formed at the corner of his lips. Tempo dying down, soon the baseline faded away and the attendees departed back to their daily routine. Few bodies straggled out as Talis begun deconstructing my setup.

“You’re an inspiration!”
“Thank you for the entertainment.”
“Please come back soon!”

All the comments didn’t phase Talis, as he smiled and waved to each individual upon their departure. In this line of work, he was surrounded by the one thing he craved most.

“Attention.” The tranquil voice of a woman echoed around him. “You have ulterior motives while on that stage. It is your goal to chain their focus to you, just so you can relish in it…” A chuckle caused me to redirect myself towards the stage, just as a dolphin bow over the crates at me.
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Talis Stenel
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