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 Sovereign's Backstory

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Rave Greyson

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PostSubject: Sovereign's Backstory   Tue Aug 18, 2015 4:12 pm

Name: Sovereign
Weight: 180
Height 6'2
Spirit: Ether the Hummingbird
Weapon: Chakrams
Ability: Distortion

"Big brother, look!"
Celestia pulled her hands together and the wind flourished around us casting cherry petals up into a verdant blizzard around us.
I smiled with approval and she beamed, "Someday, i'm going to be just as strong as you and Ether."

Ether snorted, "You're too cute to be strong, leave it to us professionals."
Celestia grinned, "You're the cutest in the village Ether."
Ether darted over and sat on her head, "Did you hear that? Calling me weak! She's got a mouth on her this one."
"Don't tease him Cel, Ether can't help how cute he is."
Ether shook all over with rage, but it looked more like he was shivering and his feathers bristled.
"I'll take you both on damn it."
Celestia's spirit had yet to fully awaken, but she would be powerful, judging by this level of ability so soon.
"One day, when the war is over Cel, we are going to travel, all over the world, you can use your power to push the sails."
"Great, I get to be a motor... I really am going to be as strong as you!" She folded her arms and I laughed.
"But what if we get separated?"
"Write a letter and put it in a bottle and Ether and I will find it no matter what."

The soldiers came without warning and massacred the villagers. He couldn't do anything, their weapons decimated the village reserves and everything went up in flames and black choking smoke.

"I'm so sorry...Celestia...she didn't make it."
He knew, he'd witnessed it all. A bullet, a single tiny fragment of metal entered her heart and her tiny body sailed through the air.
Her body couldn't even be retrieved...
He walked through the smoldering echoes of a home once filled with her laughter and her wonder.
In her room rested a bottle, and within it a note.
With shaky hands he opened it and read silently.

"Dear Big Brother,
If you're reading this, then it means I've lost track of you and you've gotten loss without me by your side. You really can be so helpless sometimes, but its my fault for not being a better little sister. I'm going to throw this out into the ocean soon and you better find it, don't forget. You promised.

P.S. my current coordinates are in my bedroom. I talked to the elder about what makes a good captain, and he said you have to be the sovereign of your own course. That sounds like you, nothing can stop you when you've made up your mind, so when you're ready, we'll set sail together. Promise?"

Tears streamed down his eyes and the bottle fell to the floor with a dull thud.
"I promise."
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Sovereign's Backstory
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